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Just like a traditional hospital emergency room – but without excessive wait times – ER Katy offers 24-hour emergency medical and trauma care in your neighborhood. With a full-service lab, pharmacy, and imaging capabilities such as multi-slice CT scan, ultrasound, X-ray, cardiac and EKG monitoring all on site, we’re able to provide the same level of care you might find in a local hospital setting, but in a more efficient manner. And parking is easy, too.

With multiple treatment rooms, we’re able to accommodate our patients quickly and comfortably, getting you back to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Here is a list of our most popular services

Abdominal and pelvic pain
Allergic reactions
Asthma and other breathing conditions
Back pain and injuries
Broken bones
Chest pain assessment and stabilization
Cuts, bruises, and burn treatments
Ear aches or infections
Excessive bleeding
Excessive bruising
Passing out
Eye problems
Genitourinary ailments
Head injuries
High fever
Limb, head or body deformity
Mental changes, lethargy, decreased level of consciousness
Motor vehicle accident evaluation and treatment
Mouth, lip or tongue swelling
Neck pain and injuries
Nose and throat problems
Pediatric injuries
Pediatric medical problems
Purplish spot rash, or any rapidly developing rash
Respiratory distress & arrest
Respiratory illnesses
Seizure assessment and treatment
Shortness of breath, high pitched breathing or using abdominal muscles to help with breath
Sport injuries
Stroke assessment and treatment
Work injuries
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