What people say about ERKaty

"I was there last week and the staff was so amazing! I called ahead and they were helpful and took great care of me! I was by myself and appreciated their care!"


"I took a CPR class at ER Katy, the office is beautiful! The staff is great and my instructor for the class was a devoted educator! I will come beee again to renew my license. Much love."

Kasey Loya

"Awesome staff!!!👍👍👍 A great place compared to so many places that don't seem to care whether you live or die!"

skyy 411

"Very nice staff. Quick service. I would highly recommend."

Rhett Mewis

"Amazing staff, nurses, and doctors at ER Katy! Everyone was very helpful and friendly and made sure I was comfortable from the moment I walked in. I received excellent service and care, and even a follow up call a few days later. Highly recommend if you are in need of an ER!!"

Diana Costa

"Very polite and very thorough! The day after my visit I received a call from the Doctor to see how I was doing. He also reminded me a few things to discuss with my regular physician. Had a very good experience here!"

Kathleen B

"I had came the other day due to a real bad migraine. The staff was very pleasant and patient with me. The nurse also experience migraines herself and put me at ease. Thanks guys."

Meosha Roberson

"Highly recommend to anyone in need of an ER. Much quicker than any ER at a hospital, super friendly staff, nurses, and doctors. They are all very knowledgeable and truly have your best interest at heart."

Jessalynn Boling

"Took my 10 yoa son here yesterday (busted lip). My son needed stiches. The staff are very professional and very kind. I was very impressed and will come back here again."

Clay Dixon

"It was wonderful experience very calm. The staff was very attentive and figure out immediately my medical condition. I will come back again"

Ginger Hickson

"Took great care of me after an injury. Even called a couple days later to follow up and see if I was ok. Thanks, folks!"

Dave Nilson

"Upon my visit I was taken back before I could even finish my paperwork. The staff was very friendly and made sure that I was comfortable. The environment was very clean and calm. I would recommend."

Kristen Chmiel

"Fun, friendly, and well trained staff lead by a smart and funny doctor. Very child friendly, hosting many events with fun games and activities."

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