LAST UPDATED: April 19, 2024

ER Katy welcomes all commercial/private insurance plans.

ER Katy is a licensed Freestanding Emergency Room. We operate just like a hospital-based emergency room. ER Katy usually charges a facility and physician fee.

Regardless of if an emergency room is In- or Out-of-Network with your insurance, all insurance carriers are required by State and Federal law to pay emergency rooms as an “In-Network” provider.

The state of Texas empowers you to use a prudent layperson standard when considering what constitutes an emergency. The prudent layperson law states that if an individual believes they are experiencing a medical emergency and seek emergency treatment, independent of the visit results, insurance must accept / pay toward that individual’s ER claim.

If you receive a bill from ER Katy, it will be based on what your insurance company dictates (copay / co-insurance / deductible). ER Katy will not add ANY additional charges (known as “balance billing”) beyond those 3 parameters set by your insurance company.

Free standing Emergency Rooms such as ER Katy are prohibited by the federal government to taking Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare because they are not part of the traditional hospital system. Unfortunately, this is not a decision made by ER Katy. It is determined by the federal government.

Below you will find our most updated pricing sheet.