ER Katy Emergency Care


The advantages of emergency rooms versus urgent care

ER Katy

Urgent Care

Medical Expertise 

Board Certified Emergency Room Doctors Only, 24x7


All adult and pediatric major trauma


Head trauma


Cardiac and pulmonary distress/arrest




Change in mental status


Chest Pains


Heart Attack


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation


Severe Lacerations/Stitches


Broken Bones






Acute Abdominal


Respiratory Distress



Imaging & Diagnostic Equipment 

CAT Scan: On-site with immediate results


Ultrasound: On-site with immediate results


Digital X-ray: On-site with immediate results

Labs and Services


All digital x-rays, CAT scans and Ultrasounds are reviewed by a board certified radiologist who immediately gives all results.


Licensed diagnostic lab on-site


Licensed pharmacy on-site

Patient Experience 

Open 24/7


Little to No Wait


Immediate access to Board Certified ER Dr.


1-1 Dr. to patient time - no Residents or Nurse Practitioners


Family waiting/refreshment area

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  • Patient Testimonials

    • Robert W.

      I was very pleased with their hospitality and the way they treated me as a patient. The facility is very nice and made feel right at home. The receptionist, nurse, and the ER doctor were awesome. I have no doubt in my mind that if I need to go to an ER room, that it will be this facility.. good place….good people!