Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion... It's like a long, tiring walk under a super hot sun. It happens when our bodies get too hot and can't cool down.

Let's ensure you can keep having fun safely, even on the hottest days.

heat exhaustion

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Why Does Heat Exhaustion Happen?

Imagine trying to run a marathon in the middle of summer. Tough, right? This is a bit like what leads to heat exhaustion. When our bodies work hard in hot weather, they can overheat.

High Temperatures and Humidity

Under normal conditions, your body cools itself through sweating. But when you're caught in the jaws of extreme heat and humidity, this natural cooling mechanism just can't keep up.

Spotting Heat Exhaustion

So, how can you tell if you have heat exhaustion? Signs can be feeling super sweaty, a fast heartbeat, feeling dizzy, or even like you might throw up. Sometimes, you might feel confused or very grumpy, too.

The Difference Between Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

While heat exhaustion might make you feel like you're walking on hot coals, heat stroke is like being thrown into a fiery furnace. It's an emergency condition with symptoms like high body temperature, altered mental state, or unconsciousness.

Preventing Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is no joke, but the good news is that it's largely preventable.

Hydration is Key

Water is your best friend during hot weather. Like a dedicated bodyguard, it helps keep your body cool and functioning properly.

Steps to Help with Heat Exhaustion

If you or someone else has heat exhaustion, you must act fast. Get to a cooler place, drink fluids, and relax. If things don't get better, it's time to seek medical help.

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When panic sets in, you deserve to feel confident in who you seek for medical help. At ER Katy, we seek to combine experience, connection, and comfort to eliminate as much of the stress of your visit as possible!



Trust is key between doctors and the community they serve. We firmly advocate for full trust through complete transparency. Our team will never chastise you for your questions, concerns, or beliefs.



Your visit to our facility may be an emergency, but that doesn't mean you should suffer a lack of care or service. That's why our patients are treated promptly while maintaining top-notch bedside service from the entire staff!


What to Expect When At ER Katy

We understand that medical emergencies are stressful all by themselves. That’s why we aim to make your visit to our emergency room as compassionate, comforting, and efficient as possible, starting with letting you know exactly what to expect when you arrive.

STEP ONE: Be led to your comfortable, private patient room, where you’ll be seen promptly by one of our board-certified emergency medicine physicians.

STEP TWO: Receive an in-depth discussion, diagnosis, and treatment plan for your specific condition or emergency.

STEP THREE: Get the recommended prescriptions or medications from our on-site pharmacy, so you can go straight home!

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ER Katy, is conveniently located close to the southwest corner of Pin Oak Rd and I-10, near the H-E-B, next door to Alicia's Mexican Grille. Boasting a spacious 7,000-sq. foot facility to help keep you as calm and comfortable as possible in your most stressful of times, it's hard to miss us!

If you need urgent medical care or have experienced an emergency, we’re always ready to help. Walk into ER Katy and get seen fast by a board-certified ER doctor. No appointment required and no wait!

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Took my 2 yr old son on New Year's Eve at 11 pm. They were very prompt and caring. Their treatment was right on the money. He had a very severe allergic reaction.

– Pijush Chatterjee

– Neha Bhakta

Everyone here was genuinely concerned, welcoming, and professional. They were knowledgeable and made sure I understood all possibilities, available services, and best practices. If I need them again, I know they will be my best option.

– Joanne Rodriguez

– Kaian Dislate

– Patti Burges

"Had we not taken our son to ER Katy, it's likely he wouldn't have made it through the night!"

"ER Katy Emergency Room saved our son's life. All I can say is that we went to an Urgent Care first, waited a ridiculous amount of time, and after we met [with our nurse we were] sent home. We did not feel comfortable with the "nurse" opinion; he seemed to be getting worse. At 1 AM, we rushed our son to a real doctor at ER Katy in the middle of the night and the doctor (real doctor!) and on-site X-Ray Tech found that my son's liver was cut in half. Had we not taken him to ER Katy (which was very local) it's likely he would not have made it through the night.

They reduced his pain immediately, the staff kept us sane and comfortable. The doctor made calls to transfer him to a specialist. ER Katy Doctors arranged everything. They were perfect, quick, professional, and efficient, and we owe them everything. They have doctors (real emergency room doctors) on staff 24 hours a day. I just thank God for ER Katy."

– Mindy Bakker

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